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Need to get in shape fast? Then I want to work with you! I love people who are motivated and turn up ready to rock! Its so rewarding for me to see my clients get good results and be part of their success. I love hearing about the difference it makes to their lives when they tell me they feel like they have so much more energy or that they no longer feel self-conscious by the pool.

So lets get down to details. You want to get in shape and you want to do it fast. I get that. But there are smart ways to do it and stupid ways. I deal with the first. That's one of the reasons why I've managed to stay so successful as a Personal Trainer Hull For so long.


For starters, youll need to follow the nutrition plan I lay out for you down to a T. Ill need you to fill out a food diary and bring it to every session. Ill be weighing and measuring you once a week and Ill be on your case regularly, nagging you about various tasks I set.

The sessions will seem intense, but actually Ill be setting them just on the border of what I can see youre capable of. Ill get you close to the edge, but never over it, and through intelligent progression Ill raise the bar and push the limits of what you thought you could do over and above any threshold you thought possible.

If youre willing to make sacrifices and work hard, then I can help you. Ill need you to train at least twice a week (if its only twice then Ill need you to do more work outside of our sessions). Make some adjustments to your weekend plans and Ill help coach you through the first 7 to 14 day adaptation phase, which can be hard for some people (sugar withdrawal, cravings etc).

I'll help you get past injuries that where holding them back and for many people I've helped them dramatically change their lives.

Ready to get your ass kicked?

If that sounds like what youre looking for then please get in touch below and we can arrange a meeting at my gym as soon as possible to get this rolling at my personal training studio in North Ferriby in Hull

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