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Thanks for clicking. As a seasoned Personal Trainer, it can be easy for me to sometimes forget just how much courage it takes to step into a gym for the first time in a while with the daunting task ahead of wanting to get in shape, but feeling clueless about how to do it and lacking any confidence in your ability to do it.

I hope that the answers to the following questions I commonly get asked might allay your concerns, but please feel free to contact me if youre still not sure before you arrange to meet me for a free, no-obligation consultation at my gym

Please let me know the details. I may be able to help; however, a good start is to also see a good physiotherapist for a diagnosis. Provided they are happy for you to take part in an exercise programme, then I am happy to work with you. In many cases, I will work alongside the physio using their notes as guidance and reporting back with any helpful info or queries from my end.

I have trained clients with just about every issue you can think of, from bad backs to post-knee surgery to rheumatoid arthritis. I have even had the pleasure of working with Godfrey Robinson Home for the Disabled, which is just up the road from my gym and where I ran group exercise sessions for the residents.

Ive trained clients of all ages. I dont accept age as an issue! I have clients ranging from their teenage years right up to their 90s and in each case its about the individual and the requirements they come to see me with.

Its all too often the case that age gets blamed for what is usually just a sustained period of poor life choices. Of course the body will adjust and change as we age, but this doesnt have to mean we do nothing about it! Exercise is preventative insurance that helps up the odds that we will not only live longer, but live fuller, more rewarding lives. Age is not a disease!

Then you need to come see me! It sounds ridiculous, but Ill bet many people can identify with this. Before going to see any Personal Trainer in Hull, or even go to the gym, most people will try to get in shape so that they dont feel embarrassed. This is completely understandable, but also completely unnecessary. I wouldn't be much of a fitness professional if I judged people by their weight, given that weight loss is my specialty.

Please be assured that in coming to see me there will be nothing but understanding and support. You are most likely going through the same emotional turmoil that many of my clients have gone through - you're not alone with this and there is a sustainable way forward. I promise a non judgmental supportive approach to your needs.

Does all of this sound good?

If the above information helps with your concerns, then please get in touch below to arrange a chat at my Personal Training studio in Hull.

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