Rich helped me to motivate myself and work at my own pace, it didnt come easy, but I was consistent and with diligence I know feel fit and strong and am enjoying better energy and fitting into smaller clothes!
- Julie Banks

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The following clients achieved success, but don't be fooled, there are plenty of people who paid me money but didn't get the result they wanted, myself and other Personal Trainers will never show testimonials from these people, nor would they most likely want to give them, but it's important you know about them.

people who have achieved some measure of success with me have done so through their hard work and continued effort, I do not take credit, I am just a guide, and for these people I was the right trainer at the right time.

I'm not the right trainer for everybody, and sometimes people just aren't in the right place to make the kind of changes they need to make in order to get the result they think they want.

*Results may vary from person to person and results are not guaranteed